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fivemoons is the place to source beautiful and unique hand painted yarns, with colours inspired by the surrounding Blackdown Hills, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is the brainchild of Dyer and Designer/Maker Sharon Jane, who takes inspiration for her work from nature in all its glory, fairy tales, myth and legend, history, religion, and the odd things said by her friends.

fivemoons Yarns
All fivemoons yarns are hand-dyed in small batches ensuring consistent quality and the unique possibilities of untold colourways. Some can be repeated, so please contact us if you miss a colour, need larger amounts, or would like a particular colour in a different yarn base. Enquiries about custom dyeing are welcome.

All our yarns are washed twice after dyeing, but there may still be a small amount of colour residue left. This is harmless and does not affect the colour-fastness of the yarn, but separate washing of your finished garment is recommended, especially for darker colours. The final rinse includes a small amount of fabric conditioner which gives fivemoons yarns their characteristic smell. If this scent disagrees with you in any way (due to allergy or asthma, for example) it is advisable to wash your yarn before use whilst it is still in the skein. Open the skein up and wash it carefully, following the instructions below and using a detergent that does not disagree with you.

Washing Instructions
Whilst the yarns designated 'superwash' may be machine washed on a wool cycle, we do not recommend this for any yarn, and cannot guarantee the quality of the results. For best results and a longer life, all items knitted from our yarns should be handwashed in cold or cool water, using a mild detergent and minimal agitation. Gently squeeze the water through your garment, and do not leave to soak. When removing from water, support the weight and squeeze out excess water, but do not wring. Roll the garment in a towel and squeeze to remove further water. (You may use a spin dryer if the drum is balanced and the garment will not become stretched. However, the spin cycle of most modern washing machines is not recommended, as the swinging action of the drum when balancing the load may lead to felting.) Lay the garment flat, and reshape before leaving to dry, as the weight of water in a hanging garment may cause stretching. Do not leave items to dry in the sun, as they may discolour. (Please note that all this applies equally to commercial yarns and knits.)

We believe in upcycling and recycling. Your goodies may arrive packaged in recycled or re-used materials where they are available to us. We also make every effort not to cover packaging with sellotape, so that you, too, may re-use the tissue paper.

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